‘Inaction, the death of creativity.’

To be without work is presently my fate,

but does it define me as a person?

The role of ‘worker’ and ‘unemployed’ in society,

placed on and off the corporeal person like clothes.

(Two sides of the coin, all that simply “is.”)

Part of me doesn’t want to be rejected,

but not everywhere’s for everyone.


If I don’t act,

then I’m as good as dead.Β  literally.

Running on raw emotion, intellect and instinct,

I take the road less traveled.

And that has made all the difference! 😘


13 thoughts on “‘Inaction, the death of creativity.’”

  1. Good thinking, my friend. Labels we adopt, or have applied to us, come with a complete set of behavioral rules we are supposed to assume as our own; best not to have anything to do with them….

    It’s good to remember, just because we are labeled by others, we are not responsible to live by those rules. If they have a problem with it, well, that’s THEIR problem, not yours….

    The resulting lack of company is outweighed by the quality of the company that DOES get it….

    Be well, & happy as you may…..


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