deuteranomaly ✨

I’d think that very few people, when asked ‘what would you like to be when you grow up?’ would say, ‘a professional commercial driver.’

It’s the dream to have the kind of work that allows for zero physical labor and taxiing in Teslas wherever one goes.  Since reading the graphic novel ‘Seconds’ and after Anthony Bourdain’s passing, being a pro chef and restaurant owner is on my bucket list.  But the cost of starting up in my hometown is astronomical, even though the population density is extremely favorable.

So in the meanwhile…

I thought about the places in the U.S. whose local economies can’t hire fast enough.  Came across a CDL school which offers a bus rental for road tast of 250$.  It was the first individual listing on Google, which got me thinking about their SEO.  Got me thinking about starting a driving school in a rapidly gentrifying city.  An interstate license might be the catalyst that takes me out of the local orbit of current city limits without fear.

The expenses of between 1100 – 2300 seemed significant at first, but I had been in poverty for so long that I had to think whether it’d be worth it.  And the answer is yes!  immeasurably.  I would regret it on my deathbed if I didn’t do it.  Though I wonder if I could pay less tho 😛

I asked a bunch of people what they thought about me being an auto mechanic.  Like the story of Joshua and the 12 spies, 10 reports were bad while 2 were good.  Nowadays I think about how profitable it would be to learn how to fly aircraft, especially if advances in technology render costs equivalent to that of a lyft or uber ride, naturally increasing the demand for pilots.  Visiting different places for a living would be nice.  I tire of the chaos of this city’s life, though I cherish her inhabitants and visitors.  Many seem critical, and not happy.  Such an environment isn’t where I’d like my grandchildren to live.  It’s the language I hear, the news I see, a government that doesn’t represent me or those whom I love.

Sometimes it’s a waste of time telling people in your circles what your dreams are.  I once found that my circle was too small, and so I had to let go of the axioms of that pocket galaxy.  You can’t satisfy everyone’s world view, and you might save time and energy not trying.  Even if it hurts, even if the same blood permeates your veins.

So, I work hard, settle my debts and then seek my final home possibly thousands of kilometers away.  hopefully i’ll still remember to blog here tho and keep in touch with you lovelies. ( ;


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