time shifting 202X (revisited…)

Original:  https://withlovedotio.wordpress.com/2015/11/23/time-shifting/


It’s 2019, and I’m still standing… still inhabit the same 24 mile radius, but the times are slightly different.  I am ever more in love with life as I realize that it must come to a close for us all.  That fact saddens me a bit, but it just reminds me that everyone is deserving of love and affection.  As a former soldier-at-arms, war just seems so senseless and brutal.  War is not simply two countries at odds.  It is a wishing to take the vital life force out of another, creative, physical and otherwise.  I go to bed with trauma every day.  Each day I wake up stronger in a sense.

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m still on the razor’s edge of poverty.  Some would say that it’s in my lack of trying, but only God can judge.  I could give a fuck about non-constructive criticism anyway, too old and close to death.  If an accident befell me in this country, I think I’d be royally fucked.  And that goes for my child as well.  For lack of knowledge…

Trying to figure it all out as I go.  extempore existence… I have a feeling that where I stand is not the city for me, may not even be the right fit for a country.  I vowed to take a bullet for this people.  Now I’d only do it for certain people.  Knowledge of what to do, and where to go… I live in a social bubble.  Not sure what are the right questions to be asking, and which city to stand.  Can’t afford to take reckless chances, yet a feeling of doom permeates the longer I remain.  Like, it’s just wack here, y’know?  lol

I forgot I had this blog so long.  Reading me in 2015, but it’s not quite me.  So much has happened.  A song of hope and survival sung at least 3 years… when I’m in despair, I seem to gravitate back to old posts, and it makes me happy to know that I survived being less knowledgeable than I am now.  But for divine grace…

Still/blowin’/swisha/sweet/smok/just to/calm my/nerves… ( ;


5 thoughts on “time shifting 202X (revisited…)”

      1. HAha i ToTAlly UnderStanD as my
        Wife and i STaRted
        Out in subsidized
        Housing on
        One paycheck
        Close to minimum
        Wage even after
        3 College Degrees
        And the same
        Job for 6 Years
        And on top
        Of that less
        And more
        i’m a traveling
        Blog anyway who
        Often makes Blog
        Post Long comments
        On the
        Keep Your
        Will my Friend The
        Force even after
        All Hope is
        Gone it
        Is the
        Living in
        Us that Old
        Dragon Fire
        That Keeps our
        Spirit Burning
        For a
        Second of
        Life even if
        We live in Hell
        As Dead in Life
        Than Dead
        As I surely
        Visited that
        Place For 66 Months
        Attaining Financial
        Yet still
        Beyond infinitely
        Poorer than the
        Homeless Person
        Who Could still
        Feel/zenith the
        Essence oF
        Love the Gold
        Of Fire the
        OF LoVE AS Human
        Gifted by this GreaTesT
        Force by
        But Love
        Heaven the
        View From:
        To: LoVE
        The Purest
        Essence oF LiGHT
        Existence ALL(GoD)

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