spoiled for choice (the blessings πŸ’΄)

So I was looking to fry something the other day and couldn’t help but notice that my enamel cast iron doesn’t fry stuff the same as those t-fal skillets, whatever they’re made from. I cook with acidic stuff (citrus, tomato, vinegar etc.) so I was looking for something that wouldn’t leach metals because of the low pH reactivity. I had a pure cast iron once, and I couldn’t help but notice a: rust upon extended non-usage, especially if i don’t re-‘season’ the pot, and b) tomato sauce would taste slightly metallic (the iron). so that was a no-go (imagine vinegar on iron πŸ˜…) stainless steel usually has nickel in it, which our bodies don’t need, and ceramic… well, i haven’t looked into it enough yet. Carbon? similar to cast iron, but by how much? Are those what the commercial woks are made of? that’s an option too. then there’s this stuff made of stone i saw on amazon..

then i thought, ‘when i go out to eat, what are the cooking vessels made of?’ perhaps not even the chef knows.

Been spending a small fortune on healthy groceries, for my health is all i have to rely on. I looked at my spreadsheet and saw that it was barely middle class items, and they exceeded what I got in food stamps by at least twice. I would be fucked if i had to rely on food stamps. I was about to put an emoji to illustrate how horrible it is, but it’s not a joke. your grandchildren pay taxes, fall victim to the vicissitudes of free market economics and then succumb to the negative effects of malnutrition. this is america. don’t catch u slippin’

maybe i’d feel less stressed living in a more Nordic country.. idk.

It’s not all bad, don’t get me wrong. that charles dickens book ‘a tale of two cities’ comes to mind. for me, it’s walking a thin line. I probably wouldn’t be this healthy if i lived in a third world country. yet ‘she’s just like you and me, but she’s homeless…’. to just be born here and reap the benefit undeserved. it’s hard for me to complain about much nowadays.

A paycheck away from poverty, it’s a lot stressful. I see lights at the end of Plato’s cave, but can i make it? i’m optimistic, to an extent. i just go for what i know. the spirits of ancestors, bound by ties of blood and proximity, guide me.

It’s the weekend again, hope it’ll be a relaxing one for ya. 😁


One thought on “spoiled for choice (the blessings πŸ’΄)”

  1. You can make it.. I believe! If you can see the lights then you can make it. I like this post. I’ve been in same situation for the last ten years or so, have just returned to work/come off all benefits in the last year, but prior to that the state supported me. Without those monthly payments I woukd have been screwed, and I know how lucky I am to live in this country. In other countries my situation might be very different. I have a LOT to be thankful for πŸ™‚

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