changing of the guard {A.T. fields}

By the mercy of the divine, I stand on Gaia’s terra firma in relatively good health.  Time is both linear and cyclical.  Patience is a hard learned virtue.  I heard a rapper sing, ‘Are you willing to wait five years for your dreams?’  Been self-medicating with the sweetest resins known to man for a decade now, and I am perfectly fine without.  Gone are the days when a child of God places their own in boxes for the right to modulate one’s own biochemistry.

It was a tragic age, cold-war level paranoia that was spread by the superpowers of the prison industry to the 3rd world underground of the streets.  19 year old kids in first world countries suffering from the same mental disorders as ex-military operatives in totalitarian regimes..

And the parents are like, ‘why am I paying taxes to send my baby to jail?’


Am I willing to wait ten years?  That sounds reasonable.  That’s at least 20 Hearthstone expansions.  I should still have enough years in life to enjoy a long retirement if I can hold on to the tarot card of Temperance at least until I have a nest egg and multiple streams of concurrent income.  Options trading on AAPL and TSLA are interesting to watch.

delta.  change, changing of the guard.  I struggled through part of this life, lived carefree through most.  I live in a high per capita income country.  My ancestors have had to live on much less.  The really healing cuisine costs much, so I rely on lower level cooking and limited knowledge of herbs and spices to sustain me.  It’s inexpensive and bland, but it works.  I’ve recently learned some new recipes in this wonderful cosmopolitan city..


coming soon:  episode 3 –  the land of obama, ‘windy city’

‘it’s like the boondocks only more hood’


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