👻kid$/ see ghosts

to many, this place is a land of opportunity. and it is! if you kno where 2 look.

but for me, the writing’s on the wall. as far as my career goals are concerned, there are more promising avenues closer to the verdant azure of the Pacific 808.

I attempt to play my position correctly, as i have heard of tales of men advanced in age holding down that one blue collar job for decades because the competition inherent in capitalism means that this high rise city, once driven through for a decade, is becoming too small.

Au revoir, the character thought. Death of a life once known? Nah, he’d remember certain things, it would be locked away in the heart. But i have been forgetful.. haven’t been taking my vitamins.

~ One week later ~

Out on the highway of SoCal. The cook refused to tell me her recipe. But my basic lady Alexa won’t tell me no..


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