🎏🃏ârcana7★2:// temperance and electric skateboarding

drive slow and enjoy life. you only live once..

What is living the dream?

I did research on per capita income in cities around the world, hoping to come across promising cities that are now pretty cheap and wireless internet accessible future nexuses of society. “A place for one’s grandkids”, one said.

India, the place of a bloodline. spending rupees like it’s the legend of Zelda mask on fuck it mask off


Sometimes you really don’t know how blessed you are. Everyone’s trying to get into this city while I’m trying to just enjoy some peace and quiet without being surrounded by a bunch of mid-rise apartments full of ghetto blasters. Modern day freelancers have taken to sleeping in tent cities for the øpportunity to be prep cooks in cities like Akihabara. The arcade has some free rosé wine sampling for all guests, and the joint is run by some real estate wizard girl from the Windy City. Wise with time, in tune with the history of millennia and millennials.

dang, there’s even more of’em than the baby boomers. and they all want universal basic income cos welfare don’t pay for organic vegan cuisinē when u broke 😏

Central banks are privately owned. check the statistics like big shaq told me. Lost my daughter to the drug war. I am pretty red-pilled at this point. Life is bittersweet.

I listen to music to ease the pains of existence and heal. Listened to RZA’s part in the Books of War song. People taken on slave ships against their will from India and Africa. Songs of people like Tupac that got institutionalized because capitalism just doesn’t work as well as it could in its’ current state. the leaders need to understand and create change, or their brightest and best will just claim asylum in one of those Scandinavian countries that have ubi. Maybe it might not be a reality right now. But when will people realize the mathematics of it all? Roosevelt being elected for the third time during the Great Depression?

thinking about going into real estate. what is “real estate”? It’s really your space to exist. Some people think you need 2000$ a month to live in Brooklyn. I’d tell you to get a Vespa and Airbnb it at this secret underground mansion for 175$ monthly access. i hear the native dining is delish 😉😄

‘the emoji marketing was really charming’ – anon

… oh yeah! the per capita thing. Average here is 38,611$. In India, they have had to make do with way less. 1670$. A monthly transit pass is 12$usd. and have u ever had naan? it’s wonderful. consider that the world is changing to our will, by our words.

So I was a passenger in an Ola taxi in Chennai, and this dude walks in talking about the Metal Gear movie. So I told him, ‘I was a fan of the PSP card game…’ In Chennai, could you believe it?! And then this girl told me about her life in Aensland..

Life seems to be turning up roses at the moment, though the ghosts of poverty, war and environmental toxicity sometimes turn up in my nightmares. I am able to spin my pain on digital wax and remix it for you on Audacity iOS. (Is that a thing? There has to be an equivalent.)

App work is busy in the new cities with laws favorable to the people. I do not have to beg in this land, for manna in the form of the 2018 agricultural revolution has taken effect. We roam the new 5G connected cities in our electric pre owned Vespas, living off the knxwledge of our ancestors and adapting to life’s vast terrain. We love well and live long lives free of famine and strife. Better living through home economics learned through lessons of pain and sobriety. The wine warms the heart after the cold winter diets of himalayan salt water, honey, kale and sesame oil alone. The fibre of the plant maintains a feeling of fullness as your body slowly burns the honey, melts the salt and the oil becomes one with you, a source of energy in times of crisis. Do not overexert yourself during Varsha ritucharya. Consider an ayurvedic diet. Go with the wind. Stop trying to fool yourself..


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