I used to think that maybe I’d be better off living elsewhere in the world than here in New York City. But after having had so many memories evoked from neighborhoods I’ve visited and lived at, this place is really growing on me. I enjoy a standard of living probably better than those millionaires in the ’80s, and the interest groups here! I read somewhere that the entire continent of Australia has about 25M inhabitants, while the NYC area has 20M by 2017 census records.

Been thinking about real estate elsewhere, though. Considering using a shared commercial kitchen for a catering business, and it’s like $200 for an 8 hour shift. 30 days of that is like $6000/month, which isn’t an insignificant sum. It seems so much more manageable to think of it in terms of $25/hour, which makes me wonder exactly how much food would need to be prepared, cooked and packaged hourly to make it profitable. The sheer population density here makes me wonder. Is this better done in another city? In my limited business experience, 6000 is a daunting number. Maybe about as much as half a year of grad school in the municipal university system.

Stars in my eyes, but I am no stranger to failure.

Thought about saving 200K then moving to a place like India. Getting there is the more salient question that demands much of my attention each waking day for the past year or so. I’m really at square zero here. Patience, conscientiousness and acknowledgement of my blessings will make the journey easier. But even if I don’t reach that aim in my lifetime, there is still much to live for.

Bittersweet life..


One thought on “atavism”

  1. Sounds expensive but what the fuck do I know πŸ˜€ I’m sure you can do it if you put your mind to it. Could you start out with a stall? I would love to visit NY one day


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