losing weight during hard times

the feeling of stress grips my stomach to its core,

as well as the absence of an income to justify my 160lb frame (skipping breakfast and sometimes lunch)…

past recollection:// (( those military days of eating those nasty MREs (meals ready to eat) as compared to boot camp where my 125 pounds qualified me for double rations. The food there was incredibly good, though for the life of me can i not remember what I ate. )) //end

I’m okay for the time being. Lost 6lbs so far over the past two weeks. Spring cleaning is going slowly, but it’s going to happen unless the casket drops. Been a literal hermit, just indoors shielded from winter’s last throes. good riddance, winter.

I am thankful for what I have. thankful for my friends that have helped me out, and continue to do so. I have this little dream of selling dim sum on a new york city street corner. need to talk to a hank hill type character who knows about cooking outdoors.

with patience and maybe about $10,000, this could probably happen.

but in the now,

I make preparations towards securing good health. sprouting lentils over three days, gonna boil them into a soup and eat ’em probably with Chinese takeout or something!

income… will more than likely be okay, god willing. used to be homeless, and now I live in a private apartment with cool vets. I am blessed.


8 thoughts on “losing weight during hard times”

    1. thx bruv

      1v1 me dbfz

      but do you even discord? I have it for Android and the chats I’m logged into get boring until weeknights and weekends. I play 100% orange juice and do voice chat there. peace 😎

      Liked by 1 person

      1. there’s a 4 digit tag at the end of your discord username, let me know what that is. I’d tell you my username, but not on my website. let me add you 😊


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