kundalini (winding road/patience)

Sometimes I find myself asking, ‘is this where I should be in my life?’ usually in relation to the more mundane goals of survival.ย  Life seems like a delicate balancing act, to which the most immediate goal is of maintaining adequate health on all fronts.ย  In a relatively better state than your typical third world occupant (I had a vision of an impoverished city in China, thousands of people in cages, cardboard & sackcloth mattresses with no semblance of personal space), yet somewhat…ย  dissatisfied?ย  with my current lot in life.ย  That I can do much better than my present effort right now.


The past 24 – 36 months have been a sort of catharsis, a period of self actualization in which it seemed like the world as Iknew it was dying a slow and painful death.ย  You know how those kiddie TV shows always tell you to ‘be yourself?’ย  The world of adults, especially as you meet those whom have been around as long as it takes for Ouranos to revolve around the Sun, can sometimes be difficult to navigate.


A slow learning experience, something that no book could teach me.ย  Those whom I love, especially those bloggers who ‘pling!’ stars to my cell phone when I am alone; those whom I couldn’t have met in any other manner.


I dream of great events, persist in my exertions and carry on with a sad smile.



13 thoughts on “kundalini (winding road/patience)”

  1. Good introspection… I’ll add my own encouragement for seeking the answers within; they’re not to be found anywhere else….

    I’ll also add a tip… about the word ‘should’, when applied to ourselves. When you find yourself using it, you may be sure it is something someone else told you. Feeling the need to change is good, but, doing so because of what you think you ‘should’ be is a dead giveaway of outside programming….

    Be well, brother, and happy as you may….


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  2. Ah this post has soothed me, I am very introspective tonight as well, uncertain about the past and the future, knowing there is no need or way of making sense of it, but still being drawn back by faces and forwards by hopes. Thanks for sharing, I will read more ๐Ÿ™‚

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