quantum agriculture πŸŽ‘ – dream journal X/XXII/MMXVI

In one of the top floors of an extremely tall skyscraper, the interior reminiscent of the Rockefeller Building in NYC.  Everything was like gold and bronze plated, leather cushions by the windows and a stunning view of the sky above the clouds.  Looking down, all I could see were the tops of the other buildings tall enough to pierce cloud cover.  Sky gardens, heliports, corporate verandas and things of that nature.  Saw a bunch of heavy construction machinery operating there as well… something intuited in my mind that agriculture was going to be placed here to feed the people.

The ecumenopolis of my dreams… quite literally.

I remembered the doomsayers of civilization stating that the world will soon become overpopulated and that crises of many varieties will occur:  nowhere to call home, food and water shortages, things of that nature.  In the past, nations and people spread more or less in two dimensions:  longitude and latitude.  (But what about vertically?)  Not to mention that there’s still a lot of land out there on Earth that’s still essentially wild.  A prior dream of driving through the southern regions of Africa in a car passing through acres of pristine jungle flashed through my head.  I don’t see why we can’t use technology to solve these issues.  At least, that’s how I feel.

Somewhere in between, there was this weird part of my dream where some military recruiter offered to buy me a energy bar for the price of… wait for it… an enlistment in the reserve component of the Armed Forces.  Then in the dream, I remember making an entry in WordPress (lol) where I quoted some drill instructor that looked like the one in ‘Full Metal Jacket’ that said, “You’re in the army now, maggot!”  I think about going back sometimes, but then I remember the extent to which I hated the bureaucratic elements which existed in that kind of environment.  If one could compare the military to a well-oiled machine which requires the predictability and reliability of all its’ parts for proper ‘functionality’, then I would be… Wintermute, some rogue AI made by a Swiss company named Tessier-Ashpool who really doesn’t give a shit.  Don’t get me wrong; I wish nothing more than the very best for those who took the oath to catch a bullet for my sake and my loved ones, as I have.  I’m just really averse to occupations right now which extensively involve death as the primary form and function.  Whenever I hold a spray bottle in my hand, it kind of scares me that I used to clap firearms with deadly precision… and that while I never had to use such machinery against a person, that I possibly would if deemed necessary.  Made me rethink my whole stance on using one’s limited time on Earth towards leaving a positive, life-affirming legacy.

At any rate…

The elevator opened on my floor and out came my parents & two of my close relatives that I haven’t seen in a while.  We were surprised and elated to see each other and I asked, ‘What are you doing here?’  They said that they were gonna see some person from a church they used to visit in order to catch up on lost time… or something like that.  So they asked me, ‘What are YOU doing here?’  I really didn’t know (because it was a dream), so I just said something like, “Oh, just picking up some microsofts from a friend. ( :”  Not long after, the guy they were waiting on came out of a side door leading into the interior offices of the building; I recognized him immediately.  He was a musician like myself, and I always remembered him to be a pretty jovial person.  Seemed that he spent his life doing what he loved, and it radiated on his face – wide smile, happy children, happy wife and the whole package for $9.99 plus S/H. πŸ˜›  Anyway, I followed him through the corridors and everything started to go black…

… at which point I awoke to the darkness of my room.

(This dream occurred sometime in the wee morning hours of 10/XXII.)

It may be a while until I next post.  Maybe the final quarter of the lunar cycle, since it’s a celestial event universally observed. ( ;  And ever since Trump won, I may need to drink the next week away. πŸ˜›  haha, joking, but still; I wasn’t expecting him to win.  My last memory of Trump was on that TV show, ‘The Apprentice’ telling people ‘you’re fired’ with his XD poker face.  My social studies teacher used to show episodes of it in class, and now I wonder if she used to play blackjack at one of the Trump casinos and won big. πŸ™‚

Trying to keep it lighthearted here, but I hope that people don’t suffer while he takes on that role.  Lives are affected by the words he will speak; shouldn’t forget about the existing system of checks and balances to at least limit if not prevent damage.  I wish everyone the best, truly.  I’m not politically savvy, so there really isn’t much I can comment on (or care to at the moment, since everyday living is difficult enough.)

It would be lovely to ameliorate poverty and illness worldwide, though, and I meditate on that sometimes.  be seeing ya. πŸ˜‰


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