dream journal: 10/XX-XXI

Went to the city’s public housing agency, and who do I see there?  Kool Keith, waiting to fill out some paperwork for the project complex he lives at in the Bronx.  

“Wait a sec, I thought you were rich.”

Well, music performers fall on hard times I guess.  Anyway, I like his  music when he’s not being offensive (which is like half his catalogue); as you could imagine, my favorite songs are when he’s being weird and spacey.  Two of the songs from his ‘Lost in Space’ album make my top πŸ’―.


Like any fan, I shake his hand and tell him that I like (some) of his music… and then I ask to shake his hand (again!) after I go wash my hands.  He says, ‘yeah, cool, I’ll wait.’ So I go to the restroom and wash my hands, but then everything becomes all ‘Inception’ like – I get lost.  I wander through an auditorium reminiscent of a cross between that of high school and a public art space (with tons of teenagers and young adults – fragments of my past, maybe?), endless hallways of corporate offices linking everything together, elevated outdoor train platforms that were abandoned… and then I reach an endpoint which looks like the administrative entrance of a global bank.  In front of me are  windowpanes stories tall, and I am looking down at the city at large.  Didn’t know I covered so much vertical distance, but it is the dream world.  At any rate, I backtrack from all those worlds in the order I entered them and eventually make my way back – but Keith left.  πŸ˜¦

I then saw a piece of paper stating the name of the  complex he resided in. Don’t remember the name, but I guess it wasn’t important because my mind was making it all up πŸ˜‹

Anyway, I woke at that point.  One minute to 4:20 A.M. πŸ˜‰

As a child, the world seemed like a large playground to run through like Sonic the Hedgehog. Boundless amounts of energy to explore ceaselessly without end, limited by the questionable requirement of school, chores and other things  specific to one’s family.  Only seems as such, until Saturn figures in your astrological chart and you  feel the definitions of limitation govern the actions of your life.  What you do is influenced by laws of physics, biochemistry (amino acids, antioxidants, ATP), family ties, mediums of exchange, law and so forth.  In that dream I felt the heaviness of my legs running through those worlds, similar to my present state today.  Yet that sense of energy to power through it all… I sincerely miss that feeling in waking life.  It’s what I’ve been working on intensely as of late.

The feeling of freely moving between worlds evoked memories of a recent dream sequence where I met Dionysus. Felt really energetic in that dream, too.  

Nowadays I feel like a car with an electronic speed limiter that can’t be removed.  Two years ago, my motto was that it’s better to burn out than fade away… but then with time and experience, the reality of wishing to survive at least two multiples of the years already elapsed on this planet have got me thinking that a different, slightly more modest approach would be better.  Key to this has been to understand one’s self rather than just going solely off the advise of others.  I’ve made mistakes, but at least I can die with less regrets.


10 thoughts on “dream journal: 10/XX-XXI”

  1. If one learns to speak metaphor, dreams are an excellent form of introspection. Introspection is a good thing, for you are correct in your feeling/assumption, in that all the answers to what is real are already there inside you… like it is for us all, if we can get connected to it….

    I’m just about to turn 22 for the third time, so, I can attest the need for pacing one’s effort. I think of it the way my dad, Sarge, once told me the secret to shooting pool, to wit: “You don’t have to hit it hard enough to go through the pocket; just hit it hard enough to fall in.” Same applies to almost anything we put effort into; only as much as is needed works best….

    Take care, brother….

    gigoid, the dubious

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