memory (time) lapse. . . ?

warmly haunted by memories of simpler times.

chilled blood at memories of being suicidal and thoughts of self harm.

so i leave this time capsule, hoping it provides comfort to a soul. πŸ”₯


Lyrics: ‘For You’ – Mr Lif, Mo’ Mega

[Mr. Lif]

Baby boy, girl – Daddy loves you with a world of strength

But my thoughts of holdin you in my arms remain at arm’s length

See I was raised with romanticism, around a tradition

Which states a man should have some children with his wisdom

And your suspected mommy to be

More beautiful than any woman I could wish to see standin next to me

Intelligent, wise, beautiful eyes helps my intellect rise

Through lows and highs, makes me love bein alive

I’ve been dreamin ’bout your life since early teenage years

Durin a haze of beer and blunts; I envisioned you once

Immaculate black skin, me providin what you’re lackin

Us coolin out, watchin flicks, laughin

Then your image disappeared, in a cloud of my fear

You’re not here, but I’ve got some things I want you to hear

I’m scared I can’t provide or survive on my own

Let alone build you a solid home where love’s shown

Please allow me private moments as I gather this poem

May this pen commit to paper my emotions and zones

I’m on the highway in Montana and it’s 7:42

And daddy wrote a rhyme just for you
[Hook One: Mr. Lif]

If there’s one thing in this life that I do hope to achieve

It’s to give you all my love and make you strong before I leave

Just for you (you) just for you (you)

Just for you…

[Mr. Lif]

What can I say next? In ’81 I wore a pair of gray specs

In ’86 I started pumpin rap up in my tape deck

A younger music, then MC’s would recommend

Knowledge of self, to help uplift and we’d ascend

So I send similar, messages to my listeners

Beyond perimeters, they advance to the rhythm of

A kick, snare, and hi hat; the masses won’t buy that

It’s drug sales and gun claps, so less loot’s what I stack

I know the flow of cash ain’t all that it would take

For you and I to form a bond so strong it’d never break

But I couldn’t stand havin nothin in my hand in the time of your need

It’s understood so shall I proceed?

Indeed there’s many other factors that do come into play

That make me hesitate to bring you to this world of today

See there’s a sense of desperation from miseducation

Which leaves our highest aimin far below required expectations

To play a plain hand is, the usage of language

Power’s locked in codes so most misunderstand it

Major corporations plan to dwarf the layman

Our president’s a profit margin; greed is growin strong and

It’s just a mental death condition spawned by logo recognition

Dollar signs squalor minds, the prison’s beyond our visions

I identify a piece and write it down on a page

Pray to God and hope for strength to practice healthier ways

Please pardon if I ramble through the course of this poem

May this pen commit to paper my emotions and zones

I’m on the highway out in Cali, it’s 11:42

And daddy wrote a rhyme just for you
[Hook One]
[Hook Two: Mr. Lif]

But you’re not here because I fear what’s in the future I perceive

Got me shakin so I made a little song I’m gonna leave

Just for you (you) just for you (you)

Just for you…
[Mr. Lif]

I had to take a long hiatus from writin this song

Thought of you while I was gone

Though my feelings vary, yes I’ll carry on

Larry, Sean, Diana, Dawn; shit I’ll leave it up to Mom

No idle title vital, strong; strength to help you move along

Healthy self-esteem without a selfish dream

Who got you thinkin wealth is green, I see you starin at that screen

Well it’s a black hole, it’s used to extract soul

Thought it was neat, kept the receipt and I’m ’bout to take it back though

My mind roams through burnin homes, worldwide war zones

Cremation of the last generation before clones

If you should run into yourself on the street

Lie then press delete, dye your hair and change your physique

Unique survival pack words, when life walks backwards

A rocky road that doesn’t lack curves meant to rack nerves

True, humankind has made life a disgrace

But there’s one thing that may keep you alive in this place

Love may be found if your feet are on the ground

Follow your heart but stop and start to take a look around

Swear that’s all that keeps me goin, love of flowin

Love of family plus G-O-D, all seein and all knowin

Pardon if I’m psycho when I’m writin alone

May this pen commit to paper my emotions and zones

I’m in Mexico, chillin with an oceanfront view

And daddy wrote a song just for you
[Hook One] + [Hook Two]
[Michelle Shaprow – repeat 2X]

Baby boy, your life should fulfill your dreams

Just follow your heart and you’ll get what you want every moment

Always gon’ be there, there for you, you, you

Baby girl, your life should fulfill your dreams

Just do what you love and you’ll love what you do every moment


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