๐ŸŒƒmacabre dreamin’

had a dream that i went to one of those local healthy markets with my military friends, and my basket contained the following items:

  • soap
  • lavender essential oil w/peppermint
  • high protein energy shakes
  • fish and lentils?!
  • at least four BIC lighters, lol.

and other stuff i’d usually purchase. problem was, i had like 25$ in food stamps and a remaining bill of 75$ to be settled in cash or something. health doesn’t come cheap.. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

i told my friend that i’d pay him back immediately the next day, and he said ok. i woke up immediately after because i know he’s not that kind of person, lol.

I miss being able to afford small luxuries like that, among others. 
The next dream was similar to many others I’ve had.  I’m in a living space with my parents and siblings, and I’m about to light up another blunt.  An argument immediately ensues, and I walk out and into an empty room with a bed prepared with fresh linen.  I lay there on my back and light up as the sun rises. all i could think of was, ‘peace and quiet.’

Then I wake up.

practically tapped into my memories.  reconciling health with budget, and… well, you know. 



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