​vitamins A + C works for me 😉
O ‘… choke me …’
A ‘What?’
‘She wrapped my arms around her diaphragm and squeezed tight.’
O ‘Please… just until I say, “stop.”‘
‘This was slightly different from our usual BDSM sessions.  I understood immediately, [considering how I get the hiccups after those intense moments of release.]’

A ‘Uhm… okay…’
‘She was in the military, too.  Part of this exercise was understood to be a twisted way of doing cardio for adults with desk jobs…’
‘I felt her body melt in our embrace.  It was a way to sometimes forget the gravity of our line of work.’
I had a strange dream about staring into the eyes of a car with thin vertical slitted orange eyes.  Maybe I had too many carrots and oranges to eat last night. :/


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