ultraviolet frequencies of light suss out the energetic potentials locked up in the body. but unless the resultant heat is removed efficiently, the result may lead to heat stroke or death.  I think yesterday was one of those really intense days where I should have stayed indoors. had the same feeling as when running miles through the desert; really s p a c e d out and unresponsive without AC :/

A friendly reminder to stay hydrated; chia seeds and potassium-rich orange juice are probably on the agenda for today. 

(and… carrots…)

but carrots taste so bitter… 😦

γ€ŽBEMANI SUMMER DIARY 2015』 プロローグソング: 


2 thoughts on “h2oβˆ†2017-”

  1. Timely advice as our Waller County thermometer reaches 100 degrees fahrenheit. Oranges and carrots in the same sentence. Do you suppose that the carrot was named “carrot” because the orange was named first?

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