🗽the tourist 🎢

‘no alarms and no surprises, pls’ – radiohead 

It seemed so weird, people taking pictures of the graffiti by the train station.  My first thought was, ‘why are they posing by that wall?’ Then I remembered that spray art was everywhere and I just took it for granted. 😄
I see the sparkle in the eyes of the new visitors.  I wonder if they see how bloodshot mine are from high 💗 pressure…

Staring at my red porcelain cast iron cooking handle, I slowly work up an appetite.  My metabolism has matured to that of a finely tuned Vocaloid; low energy and high performance.  

And yet there’s so much more progress to be made. 

Some of the fire in the eyes of those visitors catch onto the photosynthetical essences of mine, vibrations filtered through 600 BPM space rock operettas.  I fall asleep to Minecraft and awaken to brand new faces 😃

Faces that look a lot like my own, some with their own bloodshot eyes…

Hope you all are well.  Still on convalescent leave. 😉


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