🏯 nightmares and dreams πŸ—½

memories of past experiences, bittersweet. 

Familiar haunts, some places that are really heartbreaking to be around.  I just stay at home trying to manage my blood pressure. Weighed in at 129, which is low for my height. Visibly diminished constitution, prone to overheating. 

Known some lovely people. Lentils are awesome! πŸ˜ƒ  Need to cook, haven’t had much energy to do so as of late.  But it will be well worth the effort, at least for my daughter’s sake.

These moments remind me of military 96 hour liberty periods. 

‘head blagged’ – Daisy in the Willows

Diminished health. Boot camp, pneumonia had me feeling like cthulhu 😦

In retrospect, the stardust of those moments have been collected in my organic computer of hope. so long as i can connect with those caring folks around the world and innervate positive energy in a peaceful environment, I may live well beyond my wildest dreams. 

one of many OG’s, the older gods and goddesses.

rep for the youngsters 😎


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