πŸ’‰’a c c e l e r a t o r .’ βŒ›

My arm was bothering me one day, so I decided to get a back rub.

I found much relief from the pains of times past this way.

Melting to your touch as you press your knee into that area under my shoulder blade…

That time in the sauna helped, too. 

I flirt with the idea, ‘how to take it up a notch?’

I don’t want to revisit the false world of in call/out call GFE’s, horrible spectre of human trafficking and tricknology 😦

Just wanna spend time with cool people, ya know?

At least a day of being Netflix vegetables (and maybe chill, xdd idk.)

This time is paid for, and I am out of time – so I must leave.

My heart doesn’t beat right comma so I got to go to the cardiologists this afternoon. because it feels like I’m dying.  I don’t want to leave this earth without saying how I feel.

And right now, I feel a lil’ unstable, heart chakra opening up to 126 proof spirits and open to feeling chill.  Don’t have time to respond to those who cast first stones.  Hope you feel this the way the earth feels those placed six feet under.

A friend of mine is very careful to choose whom is invited into his home.  As for me, if I do achieve this year’s goal of moving into an apartment proper, what should I do?

Well, I have a few ideas. πŸŒ„

^__^V and blessings. πŸŽ‘


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