πŸŒ… ‘f a s t e r . . .’ πŸŒ…

well needed detox yesterday.Β  wish i had a solar-powered electric car to shuttle around the city with. πŸ™‚

s i m p s o n s w a v e


20 thoughts on “πŸŒ… ‘f a s t e r . . .’ πŸŒ…”

    1. yay hugggs

      it was cool, slept over at a fellow veteran’s place two boroughs away. πŸ˜€ all i did was sleep there, lol, i was so tired. he was in good shape, just retired! ^__^ i was happy for him.

      how are you feeling? 😀

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      1. Of course Huggggs..They are free!!!….lol I believe you lol..make me laugh …I understand about being tired ….How are you on this ….Let me think what day it is lol…Wednesday yeah …lol..Oh today is bad!!..but I will do my best to hang in there …The last 2 days omg..but I try…How are you doing and feeling???…
        More hugggggggs to you

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      2. I’m sort of OK.. gonna see the cardiologist cos my heart is beating erratic- I think it’s just being kind of burned out, could use some days to stay in and recover. 😁

        Wishing you good days!! πŸŽ‘

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      3. Well yes please see your dr and soon …
        I order you to bed rest lololo…I will send a note in the mail …if I could I would but not a dr either lol…
        Yes wish all could have good days for sure…Please let me know what the dr has to say k..

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      4. lmao

        tha doc made me feel better, said I was too young to have heart issues and that hopefully the follow-up exams show that it’s just stress. here’s to hoping it’s just that πŸ˜‹

        thanks for following up, haha 😁 hope you continue posting as you have! πŸ˜‰

        hugggs xd

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      5. Well that is great news!!!! so happy to hear that..and yes stress is a muther fucker it will act your heart and other organs …try to relax ..I know how hard that is….oh god do i….lolol.
        Aw you are tooo kind..yes I will I just got dads bills paid except for one the internet on there side is undergoing updates…so I will check again tomorrow if not I will just call them and pay it that way…
        But when I get down time where that is when I write so I hope I can do more of…thank you for the encouragement …

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    1. Been hanging in there. 😁 Focusing less on work and more on good health since I found out my heart isn’t beating “normally”, even the cardiologist couldn’t comment on my EKG. 😐 life is precious.

      My fam’s okay. I haven’t really seen or spoken to them for two months now except for e-mail, partially because I need personal space from unnecessary drama and because my schedule is always booked for work and health care. WordPress bloggers are like an extended fam though, so I’m never really ‘alone’. 😁

      Just trying to live a (relatively) simple life, eating & living well and realizing dreams an’ stuff like that. :).

      How have you been? How’s your lil’ man doin’? 😊

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      1. I’m okay. I’m learning about “life” a little late in life…..who has the time for that, right? “life is precious”….LOL! I don’t know if you meant that as a joke, being serious or both, but I took as both. It truly is precious but it has a way of swinging a bat at you to purposely hit you.
        I hope everything turns out well for you with your heart. That is serious stuff but I’m hoping it gets better. I hear you on that personal space. I need to take a time out from the world. That’s so gloomy, lol, but people are a trip. Sometimes I feel like I take too much blame for other grown-ups to avoid confrontation and losing people who I probably do not need in my life in the first place. However, I do believe in taking responsibility for my actions. I decided to go back to school….and I am going to withdraw. I have no passion to earn my Bachelor’s right now, as I have other super important things to take care of. I already have a degree. See, you are the first person that I have admitted this to. I am tired of unnecessary living. At this point, I only want what I don’t have to lose myself over….only what makes me whole. People, if you let them, will suck the life right out of you. No one wants to be at fault. No one wants to be told the truth about themselves. How is it that I can take it? I’m not made of stone, but I will humbly hear about the changes that I need to make, and take it constructively.
        Realizing dreams?
        Like what!? πŸ˜€
        Over all, I am learning stuff going through tests, that I wish I never had to, but I guess I need and needed to. My son is doing fantastic. He is getting so tall and he’s so handsome. If he heard me call him handsome, he’d have fit…..’I’m AWESOME…not HANDSOME!’ LOLOL! How is your daughter doing?
        Oh my goodness you used your picture!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

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      2. Awesome, not handsome; 🎢 to my ears 😁

        I meant it more in a serious way, though life does hurt (I’ve been borderline suicidal lately since I haven’t had time to schedule appointments with my psychologist.) Seems like a never ending doomsday mission sometimes.. 😡

        So long as you’re able to take care of yourself and your own , it’s good to have uninterrupted , introspective time. Some people just won’t understand your situation , and you just kinda got to leave them alone for a while. absence making the heart grow fonder and all that? πŸ˜€

        Everyday is an opportunity to learn! 🎊 my daughter is doing wonderful , trying to get her into a really cool STEM school (and maybe virtual reality distance learning, if that’s a thing yet 😁) a lil’ adult already on her iPad, hehe. πŸ’˜

        My little modest dream right now is to save up enough by the end of this year for an apartment in Brooklyn before the hipsters take over, lol. That’s really it for now. I also have Career Training stuff that’s in progress and nearly 100k$ in student loans, but my health and this year’s goal comes first. The rest will fall into place! πŸ˜‡

        wishing you good days, take care… πŸŽ‘

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