🏥totem (s.o.c)🏥

this one goes out to the doc in tha sky lair. Read in any order ya want, or read only one, or whatever.  Do what ya ψαητ.

#1 of 3.

While China and South Korea constitute growing markets, the fine art of fake food is a distinctly Japanese phenomenon. Journalist Yasunobu Nose, who has written a book on the topic of replicas, theorizes that fake food appreciation is deeply linked to the Japanese preference of first ‘tasting with their eyes’ and rooted in the nation’s extraordinary appreciation of the visual aesthetics of food.

And unintentionally—because fake food long predates mass tourism—it is also a lifesaver for non-Japanese speaking visitors to the country as it eliminates most of the menu-guessing to just pointing.

Reference:  Fake Food in Japan

#2 of 3.

I see us growing old together.  💖

#3 of 3.

Something in the way your blood spreads throughout your body when you eat raw chocolate and drink red wine that makes me want you so badly, to just taste you.

I heard that the average life expectancy is quite decent in New York.  So perhaps you could stay with me awhile here, just to lay beside me during the colder winter months.  And perhaps to warm me up when I’m too high to remember to turn off the AC and too tired to get out of bed.

We will keep each other comfortable.



7 thoughts on “🏥totem (s.o.c)🏥”

    1. from the game ‘Hearthstone’ by the soul-devouring company that gave you ‘Diablo III’! xd.

      Spring… gonna revisit some old haunts not seen since the beginning of Winter. gonna be a druid in the city parks, lol.

      how about you and the change of seasons? 😀

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      1. hey are you really in new york? if so hit me up on my email, ive been thinking of doing some writers workshops or various things in the city. not sure if that’s where you are or if i’m reading to much into… but anyhow thanks again.. and i guess this is kinda a personal message, not comment 😉

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