💓Gratitude, Avril 7 – ‘Satyagraha.’💓

I am thankful not only for family and friends, but also for the nameless faces I encounter during my brief sojourn through Earth.  The farmers whose hard work and effort results in the thyme, cinnamon and various spices that grace my frying pan.  The sanitation workers I’ve had the pleasure of working with on a snowy day.  Nurses working the night shift and all.

I really do love you.  You know, like how siblings, cousins and your parent’s siblings usually would care.

Territorial disputes, world war… I’d much rather ‘flower power.’  🌷

(And now, to cook…)



5 thoughts on “💓Gratitude, Avril 7 – ‘Satyagraha.’💓”

      1. I was so sad for her when her health worsened (and the tabloid press here loved photographing her, wrecked)…and too soon, later, she was gone. I watched a documentary on her, I think she was soulful because she was hurting. Love that Back to Black…great song!

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      2. that song rocks. my fav, as you may guess, is rehab! ^__^ i only really learned about her after her death, so it’s interesting learning about her life this way.

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      3. Rehab written from personal experience. She was a real singer, and had that extra…like Roy Orbison. Have you heard of Melody Gardot? She sings like from another era, almost otherworldly. She had a collision with a car whilst cycling, severely damaged her back, memory and vision. Music strongly aided in her recovery…
        Have a good day, 🙂


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