🌌🌟almost there…🌟🌌

It’s Friday, yet again.Β  Learning what it means to be chill, and to have a longterm mentality of health (like, surviving to be at least 80+, y’know?)


‘almost there’ refers to a long by Ξ±lphΞ± which I really like a lot for [redacted] reasons.Β  Then I went off on a tangent and listened to a Michael Jackson song of the same name. πŸ™‚

Then I wikipedia’d Michael Jackson’s song and found out that it was sampled in a Wu-Tang album, Wu-Massacre. (Wikipedia link)Β  Interesting to see what samples mutate into, lol.

And I’ll stop here, since I’ve got adult things to do like schedule an EKG πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

that’s no fun!Β  but necessary if i wanna look healthy like Andrew Weil at his age❗

be seeing ya!




2 thoughts on “🌌🌟almost there…🌟🌌”

  1. My insurance Table said I would decease @70. I took by retirement based on that. Wrong move. So now I am stuck living… Should I go for the BIG eight -o? Why? A Challenge, I suppose. Mom lived to 92…. Aw, why not?

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