happy friday, y’all.ย  heard a song named ‘cinquefoil’ yesterday, so i wikipedia’d it and caught this cool beans excerpt~

(Song is on the bottom.)



Sulphur cinquefoil (P. recta) growing in a garden

Some cinquefoils are grown as ornamental plants. These are generally high species with bright, showy flowers, such as ruby cinquefoil (P. atrosanguinea), Nepal cinquefoil (P. nepalensis), and sulphur cinquefoil (P. recta). Horticultural hybrids such as Hopwood’s cinquefoil (Potentilla ร— hopwoodiana) and tongue cinquefoil (Potentilla ร— tonguei) have been bred, and there exists a range of cultivars. Some double-flowered cinquefoils have been bred, starting with Victor Lemoine‘s ‘Gloire de Nancy’ in 1854. Other taxa and varieties are useful for more specialized gardening purposes, such as rock gardens or swamps. Among the former is the hardy spring cinquefoil (P. neumanniana), the floral emblem of Cromartyshire.


Some species are used in herbalism. Common tormentil (P. erecta), for example, has been used as an herbal remedy for inflammation and gastrointestinal disorders.[12] Research continues to determine its safety and usefulness as an alternative medicine for such disorders as ulcerative colitis.[13] Potentilla discolor[14] and P. multifida[15] are Chinese medicinal herbs used to treat diabetes.


In heraldry, the cinquefoil emblem or potentilla signified strength, power, honor, and loyalty. Depiction of the five-petalled flower appears as early as 1033, in the architecture of the church built in the village of Reulle-Vergy in Burgundy, France, two years before the reign of William the Conqueror. The cinquefoil emblem was used generously in the architecture of numerous churches built in Normandy and Brittany through the 15th century.

From the 11th to 14th century, the word potence, related to potentilla, was used mainly in a military context and to describe the condition of the soul. At the time of William the Conqueror, the potentilla was used as the device of Bardolph of Brittany, who at the time of the Norman conquest of England in 1066โ€“1067 was the master of William’s military engineer corps.


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