💀 and 💰

It’s so peculiar that the very place whose purpose is to help you also happens to be the most toxic, stagnant environment you’ve ever encountered.  It’s strange, but it’s also a valuable learning experience.  Makes you wonder exactly where your taxes are going to.  Patience wears thin.

Fluorescent light burning out the filaments of my brain.  Underground travel via subway is starting to take a toll on my physical frame.

You just know in your heart when certain things aren’t working for you.  When it’s time to give thanks and say goodbye.  Understanding that certain phenomena in life are boats across the ocean of consciousness that don’t make sense to carry on your back once you’ve reached dry land.

I’ve found a new home now, with new friends and a hell of a wild hope.  It’s scary, like a loaded dice game.  But I’ve learned quite a lot in my sojourns through life.



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