🆘Being Alone🆘

I know the feeling πŸ™‚ much appreciated that you put it so eloquently into words!


Β Β Β 

There are paths in life one must walk alone,
roads of night, too uncertain or unsafe
to hold the cherished hands of the beloved,
when a poor soul is forced to traverse them!

Β Β Β 

Do not think that one does not wish or crave
for the warm company and care of love
on those dark and perilous voyages but
the weal of beloved is more painful than
the mighty pangs and woes of solitude,
walking down an arduous and ugly route!

Β Β Β Β 

Thus being alone is so much better than
putting the precious beloved in harm’s way
and hope to see her on the other side
once the night succumbs to an easy day!

Β Β Β 


Β Β Β Β 

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