talking reckless, with love ;)

caption:Β  ‘between the sheets’, isley bros., single cover art

love don’t mean being a yes-man (or woman)!Β  take care of yourself.

love to me means something different from (at least) most of the people I find myself surrounded by (notably, those of the Christian faith.)Β  This is not to be mean or rude, but… I do swear like a sailor.Β  it’s the military in me.

it’s not even remotely related to marriage.

or coexisting in the same space…

or the sex. (though I do sorta miss chillin’ with prosties… it was a different vibe.)

it boils down to wanting to help someone because you want them to grow as a person, to be honest.

i know some that have stricter definitions of what love is, and you know what?Β  it’s not my problem.Β  fuck it.

if my energy isn’t what you need or desire, then it will move elsewhere like the water of the ocean.

Years may pass, and perhaps the global warming of desire will raise the levels of energy…

Or a huge meteorite of lust disintegrates the water out of the atmosphere, leaving god knows what.Β  I don’t know.


If you don’t like me and want to lower my self-esteem, then waste your time and try.Β  fuck it.Β  it would be a shame to have your precious time on earth wasted hating on someone, but hey.Β  the world keeps revolving

don’t even have time to say ‘fuck you’ back.Β  life is so intense.Β  gotta keep it pushing.

people come, people go.Β  we all gon’ die

so just be nice, ya?Β  fuck, idk.Β  get high blood pressure and a stroke while the person you’re trying to bring down is eating a [REDACTED] cookie?Β  can you say, ‘hitting your head on a stone wall?’

this goes out to those high-maintenance friends, lovers, jobs, etc.Β  if you don’t like me, idgaf.Β  the world has taught me various ways to stay warm between the sheets in the face of a cold shoulder.

like gwen πŸ˜‰Β  takes me back to high school…

P.S.Β  fucking crabs in a barrel mentality.


4 thoughts on “talking reckless, with love ;)”

  1. Heyyyy now!☺
    I am a Christian, and I can guarantee you, that many of us have different standards of what we believe love is…..I enjoy the company of honesty, care and respect….not every Christian has those character traits….SADLY.

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    1. My sincere apologies if it seemed like I was singling out Christians in general. (My dad happens to be a pastor, so… you could imagine, sorta.) I really should be more careful, it’s like saying ‘Muslims are like XYZ’ and all. 😦

      Thanks for understanding and enduring my… rant. q_q I’m really in an emotionally strange place in life, like I broke out of the orbit of Mars and crash landed somewhere in Venus. And I was really pissed off that day!

      [But enough extra ranting!] I know you’re good company! ^_^V take care!

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      1. Lol! I was no where near offended… we are all human.☺☺ Your daddy is a Pastor? Well, we talk about what we know and the people we are around, so to find offense to your personal experience, makes no sense😊. I have had, and still have plenty to say about my own…good and bad….it’s what I know, amongst other things, but Christianity is what my life is based around. Honesty, is necessary. Too many people are being prohibited to be so (honest), which leads to secret and double lives, which hurts more when discovered……however it is discovered. People get offended so easily, that it keeps us from getting things out of our hearts, that need to be released. Not every Christian will agree with me. We don’t have to agree, but we do need to be slow to speak and swift to listen.

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      2. Thanks for understanding. I can’t help but remember that part of the Bible where Jesus says, ‘He who is without sin, cast the first stone.’ God knows, it’s been a relief to have a blog to be honest in and to listen to the voices of the world actively helping each other become better people. It’s beautiful… and not always easy. sometimes I find it hard to hear out those who don’t want to hear me out, even if their advice is quite sound.

        take care! β˜ΊπŸ˜€πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

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