come corekt (you are not your job)

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This week, I visited the place where I interned earlier this year to see if I could get a work reference.Β  I was reminded quickly why I started drinking on the job.

I am not opposed to working in general.Β  It gets complicated though when work becomes your life, and gets in the way of the things like being there for your child when you feel she needs you most.Β  Then you get blamed for being absent at least emotionally @ home ‘cuz so much of your energy was burned out dealing with bs issues at work.Β  A longer term problem that money can’t fix.

It’s hard to want to keep a job when it causes problems with your home life. Add depression and latent alcoholism into the mix, and then it becomes really important to know when you’re fit to work or not.

Read two articles on major depression in the United States, and it kinda disturbed me.Β  40% of blokes from the Caribbean have contemplated suicide by midlife.Β  It’s sad.Β  The takeaway from the report was that Caribbean households don’t consider depression to be important, so it just gets ignored.Β  Either you’re crazy or lazy.Β  Sometimes you need time away from the rat race, because you know it’ll kill you.

Everyone judging, not trying to understand.Β  A different way of understanding life.Β  Like the Nordic welfare state, and how many people are actually happy there!Β  Or many other examples too numerous to name.Β  Anna Bohlin would know.Β  Or Problems with Infinity


Still working on the essentials.  A place to live, nourishment for the bones, and some time of sorting out internal issues vital to a peaceful state of mind. Some things are marathons, and not sprints.


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