visual novels


I’ve always wanted to write a visual novel.  Twine was gonna be how I do it.  But I wanna collaborate with someone, perhaps at least for the sake of motivation.

Cassareep has been my new cooking staple, replacing sugar and honey as sweetening ingredients considering that it’s derived from the cassava plant.  Bitter and sweet, I learned today that it is a natural antiseptic; not bad at all.  Also ate kale for the first time in months; made me feel really good.

fall is coming around, yeah!  the temperature drops and… it’s time to prepare for another winter.  I feel much moar prepared this time around on many counts, considering much of the changes that have occurred in my life mostly to the positive (though not without much catharsis included.) Health is the main focus this year, and I’ve been doing better at least in terms of sustenance – vegetables are sorely lacking in my diet.  My blood just feels tired and dirty. too tired to even post on WP at times.

this video is dedicated to a bloke I once worked with whom I haven’t seen in a while.  hope you’re okay out there.


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