lifetime away

Do you miss me?
I know that you love me,
And you know that I love you too.
Does it hurt to be away from me?
I hope that it doesn’t.
All of the aspects of divorce, but without the marriage to begin with.

This is the norm, I guess.
Didn’t really expect things to turn out this way,
But love can take you on quite a wild ride sometimes.
May you find what you need, regardless.

Que sera, sera.


3 thoughts on “lifetime away”

  1. Yes, you expected it. All planned. Demonstrating Love like a professional Hippie.
    And this was beautiful but it would be extremely sad for an Ex to read.
    Break-ups are hard enough, you don’t have to call it a Divorce. Geez…
    Unless you left her half your stuff. lol

    Kidding people, calm down.

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