Gratitude, August 23: A change of pace.

for much of my adult life, i’ve been under this pressure that ‘i’ve gotta be as successful as quickly as possible!Β  lose sleep, run your body into the ground for a buck!’

god knows that i’ve been trying.Β  but lately i feel like i’m dying.

heart palpitations have me taking aspirin.Β  yet to lie down for an hour and a half still feels like a sin.

smoking weed at a stretch, ‘cuz financially my life is a mess.

addiction setting in?Β  call 1-800-cant-win!

need to slow down, before I hit the ground.

need a healthier state of mind instead of cutting my life short for a dime.

take your time.

things may not happen in the time you expect, or maybe even at all.Β  but count your blessings and take it from there… or at least, try.

I am thankful for being in decent health… family, friends, bloggers & the society in which I live.Β  That things could’ve been much worse, but I have hope for myself and my loved ones on many different levels of not only surviving, but thriving as well.


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