bugged out nightmares

Had a long dream where me and my sister (which I don’t have in real life, haha) were trying to stop a woman from breaking up our parents’ marriage.Β  The peculiar thing about it was that she would summon all kinds of insectoid-like creatures to send messages to my dad that my mom was cheating on him.Β  That is, when she wasn’t using those same creatures to kill either of us.Β  It was strange, to say the least.Β  A snail leaving a fake love letter (with his birth certificate?!) on the road where my dad was coming home.

Made me briefly wonder about the life of a fly, buzzing around the kitchen while the chef is trying really hard to kill it.Β  Just minding your own business trying to get a molecule to eat, unknowingly the harbinger of death and disease that mankind hates.Β  Makes me wonder about the nature of some relationships, that certain people just aren’t compatible.

Sorry for wasting your time with this :,(Β  that dream was just so bugged out, I had to write it down.Β  Reminded me of one of those Japanese superhero TV shows where the villains were modeled off insects.


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