Survival et Gastronomié: August 20

With this, I try to keep track of what I eat and do so as to keep myself accountable of how well (or poorly) I take care of myself.

Maybe to find patterns I can improve upon in the future, ‘cuz you only have one life!

Morning (Preparing to leave to travel two cities over via subway & bus):
Pluots x 2
16oz. Bolthouse Strawberry Banana smoothie, 2 tbsp. chia seeds.
81 mg aspirin (cherry!)
2 tbsp. Source of Life Multivitamin.

(Today was spent traveling two cities over for a set of cast iron skillets, so I didn’t really eat well.  And fast food has too much sodium in it :l)

Riceworks Sea Salt Crisps x 1 (5.5 oz)
Chocolate Almond Milk x 1 (10 oz)

Dinner (After 4 hours of travel time, sedentary):
(You could seriously injure someone with those skillets…)
Honey Glazed Salmon x 1 (prepared from scratch!), 1/2 lb.
Chickpeas, 1/2 cup
Ronzoni Garden Delight noodles, 3/4 cup
Random garden vegetables & raisins cooked in
16 oz. Bolthouse Strawberry Banana smoothie w/ chia seeds (2 tbsp.)
81 mg aspirin.  It’s been a long day.

Before sleep:
Moar chia-infused strawberry banana drinking…

Overall level of activity: Moderately low.


Not enough fluid intake.  My body still doesn’t want water, as is.  Making my own smoothie with raw ingredients mixed with ginger, stevia and water would solve the problem, but I would need to buy a blender.  Can I afford one?  Those smoothies, my primary source of potassium (you have no idea how messed up I feel without ’em), aren’t cheap. In the long run, I would save more and be able to create moar custom drinks. Need to calculate tonight.

2000 kcal had been a pipe dream for many years now, since I wasn’t cooking for myself for so long. Considering that I’ve gone on so long with reduced caloric intake, I don’t know if 2000 kcal is relevant for me anymore. So long as I achieve the recommended daily value of protein intake, I tend to feel okay.

I only really want fish now. Other meats I can tolerate, but none come close to having me feel this good.  Salmon, mostly.  (Pretty expensive, though. :/)  Lamb comes in second, followed by… duck (XD), then everything else.  Need to practice making lamb chops.

I would really like to cook for a living, considering that I’m actually enjoying my cooking for a change. Not that I’m giving up computers or anything, but I think I’d have more of a peace of mind doing it as far as job security goes.  I don’t know for sure, it’s just a gut feeling right now.  And my gut feels terrific! 😀


Almost out of chia seeds, need to restock.
Ditto with the multivitamins.
Need to purchase fresh fish, as usual, before the evening supermarket rush 😦
Determine whether to order a blender by tomorrow morning, or next week around the same time.
Figure out what I’ll be doing for dinner tomorrow, as I’ll be attending a CCNA Design class a city over.  (This usually means lamb halal over rice, which is okay under short notice.)

Your thoughts and suggestions are much welcomed, ‘specially for my daughter who seems more vegetarian-like which is a challenge to find proteins she likes. (It’s scary…)

Good night! And take care of yourself.


10 thoughts on “Survival et Gastronomié: August 20”

  1. I can’t really help. The food doesn’t appeal to me and I am definitely not vegetarian. I will eat salmon though, but not the rest. I eat too much fast food myself. I started doing right and then fell back on my bad ways. No veggies in fridge and 1 rotten peach. LOL! I am not a chef of any sort. I am not even a lowly cook. 🙂

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      1. You are lucky you don’t live that close to me or I would have to kick your ass. I can cook edible food, I hate to cook is my problem. My family never went hungry, but when the ex went out the door I quit cooking. 🙂

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  2. Lemon/mint water
    Fill a container up with water,
    Placeas much lemon and mint leaves in it that you can possibly handle, and let it sit in your fridge for 24 hours. Make sure you strain your water before drinking it. After 24 hours, you will have ice cold lemon and mint infused water. It is VERY good. Look up the health benefits of lemon and mint.😀

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