Reasons I Love Hanging Out With My Friends

While I am unable to physically hang out with most of you bloggers (I don’t really want to hang out anyway, haha), this post captures what I feel reading your entries. 😊


Well,Things don’t last forever either bad or good. Things change and we settle with life eventually,but whatever you are doing in your life,that is meaning less without some good FRIENDS.

Friends make you feel good – Well, people who overlook your bad and enhance your good are really your friends.People that make you feel that you actually belong somewhere are the ones that matter.Friends simply make you feel really good about yourselves and that is actually a very beautiful thing,that feeling of being cared about,so be a good friend yourself and find your gang.

Moments don’t last forever – Moments don’t really last forever, someone like me really wants to keep these moments forever.So why don’t we just take a lot of pictures together and feel privleged to be living these fantastic moments.Moments of joy,moments of being you and moments that would make u cry someday.

What is so better…

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