moar dreams

  1. Β An erotic dream of being with a woman in an orange wilderness of mountains, leafless trees and sunset, notably absent of guilt and shame.
  2. The dream of burial.Β  A friend that I have known for a long time is placed to rest by my hands, and I am at peace.Β  Unfortunately, it seems as if I’m the only one.
  3. I am Apollo, chasing unsuccessfully a manifestation of Daphne.Β  She escapes into the forest, and I am faced with a marble statue of her.

dream interpretations, anyone?

This summer has been a relatively solitary one.Β  Feels like time is accelerating as I envision where we are in our solar system, the northern hemisphere slowly pulling away from the earth as fall draws closer.Β  Feeling my heart pump bits of calcium through itself, covering up with a blanket in an 85 degree night – life feels strange at times.

Today has never happened before.Β  I have some tasks that I would like to accomplish.Β  Wish I had someone to be accountable to for those things, but for now I must maintain, at least for my little one.

I wonder what she’ll say about me when she’s older?Β  just thoughts running through my head.


9 thoughts on “moar dreams”

  1. Busy mind…..busy mind. You’re a writer indeed. Remember to take frequent breaks before your thoughts drive you mad.
    I always think that about my son…..what will he think about me when he’s older. Notepad your mind. I stay up beyond hours, puking my thouhts out onto paper and then I think; “Wow! That came out?” I’d prefer a solitude summer, rather than the loud one that I have had………but then again, I would not have so many new things to write about.😌
    Sounds like you need black coffee.
    Here you goβ˜•……..indulge!!!!!!!

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  2. Well I just read this and it seemed a pretty interesting case, lol, so I rubbed my hands with a “heee, now that’s the real thing” and sat down to attempt an interpretation.

    Dream 1:
    Well, the first dream has a lot of orange (wilderness, sunset). Orange as a colour is symbolic of friendship, acceptance, liveliness, socialising, etc. Combined with a woman and the erotic nature of the dream could imply that you are accepting your feminine characteristics. Moreover, it’s interesting to see that there was this sunset too, as sunsets imply the end of a bad habit or a transition into a desired one. Probably you have reduced characteristics associated with men (aggression, competition, anger, assertiveness) to a desired level and balanced it successfully with some female aspects of your own self (like become caring, nurturing, loving, peaceful). If not, it could indicate that your subconscious desires to attain such a balance. I think it could also imply an acceptance of one’s sexuality for adolescents or young adults who have unresolved issues about their sexuality.

    Dream 2:
    Burial is usually symbolic of an end or completion. This dream can be seen as an expression of the peace the resolution of a problem that has bothered you for long. Since you saw a friend, it could imply resolution with an aspect of yourself or of a dispute with someone close that had burdened and affected you very much. As you mentioned you were the only one, the problem that you’ve overcome was of a very personal nature and gave you a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

    Dream 3:
    Just as in the myth you are chasing Daphne, so this could be you ‘chasing’ a female. Chasing obviously is symbolic of a want or desire. Now Daphne could represent either the female aspects of your own self or another actual female whom you feel attracted towards. However, you fail to chase her and she turns into a statue, okay, now, a statue is symbolic of a lack of communication and expression. It could be that you are unable to convey your feelings and thoughts to this female. If you think the female is your own aspect then probably you are ignoring a part of yourself (repressing something) and acting in an unbalanced way. If it represents a real woman in your life then it could be you are unable to make your thoughts and feelings clear to her. You need to communicate.

    If you see, dream 1 and dream 3 could be linked in the sense that your subconscious desires a sync between your male and female aspects, which you however may be unable to achieve because of a lack of communication with you own self (it could be a suggestion for some introspection and internal emotional sorting)

    I hope that helps.

    PS: the emotions you felt during the dream could be clues. If you feel sad, disappointed or have negative feelings it means a lack or desire for something while positive feelings can symbolise achievement and sense of accomplishment, etc. The symbols in each persons dream are personal, they are the ways of your subconscious to represent situations. You can understand them best. Do not rely too much on interpretations, they are your mind’s code language to communicate to you. You can decipher them the best. Symbolism only helps a little to gather clues.

    Note: I’m not an expert or something. πŸ˜‚ Just a 17 year old psychology student interested in dream interpretation. I tried a little and enjoyed very much.

    Take care, best wishes πŸ˜„

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      1. And oh if you would ever like me to… well… play a little and try interpreting, do give me a little notification about any dreams (I somehow do not receive notifications at all times)

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