Reasons to live

without my daughter, I don’t know if I’d still be here…


  1. It isn’t your time yet
  2. you have your whole life ahead of you
  3. to have children
  4. to meet the love of your life
  5. to get married
  6. to make your dreams a reality
  7. for all the things you hope to achieve
  8. snuggling up under blankets with a hot drink on cold days
  9. movie nights
  10. ice cream
  11. dancing in the rain
  12. kiss in the rain
  13. stepping on crunchy leaves in autumn
  14. the feel of sun on your skin
  15. a child’s laugh
  16. the sound of birds singing
  17. how beautiful the sunrise is
  18. how beautiful the sunset is
  19. the smell of freshly mown grass
  20. the first bite of a meal when your starving
  21. people watching
  22. laughing so uncontrollably it hurts your ribs
  23. the smile that you can’t help, that just tugs at the corners of your mouth
  24. the feeling in your stomach when you go on a roller coaster
  25. the smell of a freshly…

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