Gratitude, July 30. (#utopia)

More and more I find my life’s energy hooked up to those I regularly come in contact with, especially via WordPress.Β  And vice versa.Β  It’s quite a beautiful thing that I haven’t felt before.

It feels like love…

What I am grateful for today:

  • Happy birthday, Dad*!Β  (In his card, ‘Dad’ was replaced with ‘old man.’ XDDDDDΒ  Thank God I can call you that, that you’re still alive and kicking!)
  • baby aspirin
  • My PlayStation 3, where pretending to be a sword-wielding waifu comes with ease.Β  Or a monk with crazy DEX points & healing powers. (currently playing ‘Under Night In-Birth:Β  Exe Late.’)
  • Goldfrapp’s ‘Utopia’ song, which got me through many a lonely night in the military.
  • Windows 10 is finally out!Β  yeay
  • My daughter.
  • High speed internet & quad-core processors in cheap Android cell phones.Β  (Apple is cool too…)
  • For waking up this morning, being able to read the thoughts of others in near-real time around the world.Β  I am alive!Β  And so are you!

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