Free Advice To A Good Home

Pretty sage advice. Don’t know about #1 though, haha ☺


Advice is free, and we get what we pay for. So with that in mind, I would love to give some advice.

1. Nothing good happens after midnight. This may be easy for me to say since I’m not a night owl. However, there is a bit of truth to it.

2. Pay yourself, but don’t spend the money. I try to pay myself 10% of my earnings. I don’t always reach that goal, but I do put in what I can. The point is, put back as much as we can afford. Some people save for a rainy day, I save for the day stuff hits the fan.

3. Get a dash-cam for your car. Louisiana is a “No Fault” state. If someone cuts me off, slams on their brakes, and I hit them, both drivers can be given a ticket; unless there is evidence showing that the other driver…

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