ayy crime (a story concept)


Welcome to irc.xddddd.net.  You have entered chat room #7, ‘meme gambinos.’


(16:20:03)  irsagent8 has joined the chat.

(16:20:18)  [suchwow]  wtf is the irs* doing here

*= IRS refers to the American Internal Revenue Service, the blokes who crunch numbers and stuff for the gov’t.*

(16:20:23)  [monstar420]  idk m8

(16:20:32)  [irsagent8]  you know i’m in the chat room already, right

(16:20:36)  [suchwow]  fuck

(16:20:47)  [suchwow]  good afternoon, sir.  how may i help you?

(16:20:54)  [irsagent8]  that’s ma’am to you

(16:21:29)  [irsagent8]  i’m here because your accountant put the wrong tax id on the company’s tax form.  that’s all

(16:21:40)  [monstar420]  oh

(16:21:55)  [monstar420]  dude needs to lay off the acid while doing the books

(16:22:07)  [suchwow]  i couldn’t be an accountant and be sober

(16:22:13)  [monstar420]  lel

(16:22:14)  [irsaagent8]  – CHAT REDACTED -**

**=  She was later found out to have replied, ‘lel.’  As this is not proper protocol for a public servant (and would’ve cost her that sweet promotion), she made that part of the conversation disappear off the record.  lel.**

(16:22:42)  [irsaagent8]  have a pleasant day.

irsagent8 has left the chat.

(16:25:43)  [suchwow]  phew

(16:26:03)  [internettroll666]  is the coast clear?

(16:26:08)  [monstar420]  yeh

(16:26:13)  [internettroll666]  fucking bob

(16:26:17)  [internettroll666]  he bakes some dank brownies tho.  remember the last house party?

(16:26:22)  [suchwow]  word



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